Here’s some of the enquiries we’ve had at Data Clinic recently.

Seagate Freeagent Desk External Drive – London

The drive is making a steady clicking sound and sounds like the disk is spinning up between clicks! It is used to back up data, is not moved and has not been subject to movement/damage. Most of the data is already stored on my PC and I’ve backed it up onto a new external drive. However, I suspect that there may be a small number of photographs on the old external drive that I don’t have copies of. How much would it cost to either repair or extract all data from the old unit? If excessive then I’d just take a chance that I’m not missing anything important but if low cost then I’d commit to having the data extracted. From memory, it’s a 2TB drive but with much less than 1TB of date stored on it. Details of our London data recovery centre are here:

Corrupted SD card – Edinburgh

An SD Card from our wedding photographer that was corrupted when he tried to get the photos off it. Luckily only half of the photos, he provided us with the SD card with some of our photos.
I’d like to know if you’d be able to get the photos of this, I haven’t touched it as I don’t know what I am doing with it, it has simply been left in the box with the photos he gave us.
All I know us is he told us that it wouldn’t connect to the computer and seems to have been corrupted.
Because of this, we now have lost over half of our wedding photos.
He unfortunately does not have any equipment insurance that covers data loss, so it is down to us to pay for this. Visit Data Clinic Edinburgh.

Recovery Samsung M3 drive – Bristol

I have a Samsung M3 Portable hard drive, which I’ve been using for a few years with no issues – just to back up my computer and store files that I don’t need access everyday. Recently I started a new position which requires me to use multiple softwares at once and I quickly ran out of memory. I used the hard drive to start some Adobe programs for the past two weeks, while I purchase a new computer. This weekend when I connected my hard drive to my computer it stopped working. I can access via Disk Utility and can see that it is recoverable and that the files are still there. There are three folders that have files with a lot of sentimental value and that I would like to recover.

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Dropped hard drive – Southampton

I was using my WD External Hard Drive before but I accidentally dropped it and it started beeping over and over again and wouldn’t connect to my MacBook. It has been accidentally dropped a little tiny bit in the past but it’s still continued to work fine regardless. Could you please help me? If it can’t be fixed could you please help me save all my data?

Our Southampton data recovery office is here: