Ken Xin Da Phone Data Recovery

Data Clinic recover data from all brands and models of mobile phone. In this example we dismantle a customer’s broken Ken-Xin-Da phone and read the data directly from the memory chip.

The Chinese Ken Xin Da phones run on Android and are designed to be “Rugged”. They often have having shock, temperature and IP-68 water resistance features. This device failed and we were able to safely desolder the Toshiba BGA221 eMMC chip and carry out a full recovery of the users data. The images below show various points throughout this process which included a full reball and clean of the eMMC. We can recover the data from KenXinDa phones that are unresponsive, bootlooping, broken, smashed, not updating etc. Our data recovery processes often involve dismantling your phone and reading the data either from the board (JTAG) or memory chips (Chip Off). This gives a much better result and returns far more user data than conventional methods.

Understand that what Data Clinic Ltd can do to recover the data from broken and unresponsive mobile phones is a million miles further on from what a high street phone repair shop is capable of. If you’ve been told by one of these places that your phone data is not recoverable, it’s probably more accurate to say that your phone’s data is not recoverable by them. Come to us – we should be able to help.

For more information go to our main data recovery page for Android phones.