Problems with Huawei Phones hanging on loading screen

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After a recent update my Huawei phone hangs on the loading screen. there are a large number of non-backed up photos that i hope can be recovered. please confirm if this is something that can be done and what the costs would be? It’s running the latest version of Android.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro Unresponsive Screen and the phone hangs – Can’t enter password (even with USB OTG Mouse connected). Want to retrieve files.

Hi, my wife’s phone is water damaged and hangs, it does not turn on. We have set her up with a new phone and managed to recover most of the content from her old phone from a backup I made in July 2019. We are wanting to recover the pictures/videos only since July 2019 on the phone if possible as we have a 19 month old daughter and the pictures and videos are sentimental to us. I wonder if you could provide a quotation and if it is success only?

I have a water damaged Huawei which cannot turn on so cannot get my data off it. Could you quote me how much it would cost in order to get the data off this device so that I could transfer it to another Huawei phone.