Recent enquiries – Help with data recovery

Here’s some of the most recent enquiries we’ve received at Data Clinic:

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Help! I dropped my passport from table height onto floor… it didn’t work at first… then worked after it… for about a week.. now doesn’t get recognised by laptop. I understand you provide a dead hard drive recovery service?

my usb hard disk drive does’nt connect on to any laptop/computers and theirs important univ work on their that i need asap
i was wondering how much would it cost but also how long would it take to send to a data recovery company. disk data recovery

I would like to recover or repair my seagate sshd 1tb drive which I had to replace as it came up with fatal error and would not boot to windows. Do you provide a computer data recovery service?

I use the hard drive in a external docking station it is my back up drive I believe that the pcb has problems as it gets hot and does not spin up or register on pc either I need it to be recovered and all my files pics etc putting back onto a new external hard drive some files I am not worried about so if cheaper I am not so worried about the films so it maybe that my 1tb drive only needs 500 gb recovery

I have a 1 TB external hard drive USB. The brand is called Touro. I’m searching for a company that can recover data from a damaged hard drive. I guess this would be called a damaged hard drive recovery. So, a little bit about what happened:
One day just stopped working, the hard drive has a blue led light when is on and now is always off. I’m looking for the best data recovery company to retrieve my data for me.
When I plug the hard drive to the laptop doesn’t make any noises but if you touch it you feel like he’s struggling.
I have important data on the hard drive, I’m a musician and I have my projects inside.
I wanted to know if there’s a chance to take a look on the hard drive, it’s been a really good external hard drive, I had it for already 4 years and never crashed and always with wonderful perfomance. So, can you help? I really need the best data recovery service and to get my files back.

Also do you do phone data recovery? I know you have a hard drive recovery near me but is there a local phone recovery service too? I wish to retrieve the data on my phone.