SSD’s and iPhones – Help and Advice

Phone Help in London

Here are 3 enquiries about recovering iPhone data that we received this weekend.

  • “We have a iphone 6 that won’t power on and would like to see if there is a way to recover the data off it?”
  • “I have an iPhone 5s that sustained some water damage with the red screen of death appearing. I tried drying it out with some of those silica gel packets inside of a resealable bag but it did not fix my phone. I was wondering how much it would cost to fix it at your London office?”
  • “In order to upgrade to the latest software on the iphone, I had to restore my phone from the last backup. Unfortunately this was 2 years ago. I have now lost photos of my new born chilld. Are you able to retrieve these photographs?”

Data Clinic’s London office is located at 6 New London Street, near to Fenchurch Station. Customers are welcome to bring their faulty hard disks and mobile phones to the office for assessment, repair and recovery.

Unless a job is booked in with us as an emergency, we don’t provide a while you wait service at this location. Instead we ask you to leave your equipment with us so we can assess it and identify the problem. Troubleshooting unresponsive hard drives and phones can sometimes take hours, so rather than have you waiting around for a potentially long time, we will contact you once the problem has been identified and also quote you a price for the data recovery. It’s then up to you if you want to proceed.

Typical prices for hard drive recovery are between £350 and £800, and for mobile phones between £95 and £395. These prices apply to our standard service which recovers your data within 5-10 working days. Faster turnaround times are available but cost more.

The ‘red screen of death’ iPhone problem is starting to become more common and we can usually recover the data from iPhones in this condition.

Upgrading the iPhone’s software can often lead to problems – usually in the form of a bricked phone, especially if the battery runs out or the upgrade process is terminated before completing. Again, in both cases we can usually help to retrieve the phone’s information.

Click here for Data Clinic’s main phone recovery page and here for our main iPhone data recovery page.

Unresponsive SSD

“I have a scandisk ultra II 960gb ssd. Two days ago during a windows patching i got a blue screen, and since that i have not manage to load windows, but more than that, using windows recovery and using the command prompt i can’t access the hard drive. Taking the drive out and putting it into a USB caddy, still resulted in no access.”

Rather than a Scandisk Ultra II we assume you mean a Sandisk Ultra II hard drive. We are receiving growing numbers of SSD hard drives for data recovery. SSD’s have no moving parts so fortunately the dreaded ‘click of death’, which relate to problems of a mechanical nature on the older ‘HDD’ type hard drives do not affect SSD’s.

While this is good news, SSD’s have more problems with their firmware – the programming that controls the SSD, which is quite often buggy and causes SSD to crash and malfunction. Drives then become unresponsive and the data on them is inaccessible. Recovering the files from SSDs often involves us reprogramming the firmware on the drive in order to access the data once more. More information can be found on our SSD data recovery page.