October 2017 – Hard Drive Recovery Q&A

Here’s a few interesting data recovery enquiries we’ve received over the last weeks.

Orphaned files and bad sectors
I’m near Harrogate in Yorkshire in a place called Knaresorough and I have a problem with a Toshiba 855 satellite laptop. It has been playing up for a few weeks when on the Internet, where I use explorer and Chrome. Last week chrome stopped working altogether and I got a message saying it was not win32 (or something along those lines) explorer continued to work but not well, freezing and problems opening videos.
Then it went jnto startup repair and literally stayed there for hours (many hours) on screen it was saying that various files were unreadable and mentioned orphan files??
Today after restarting the computer it did all this again and seemed to be getting somewhere and ended up going to a screen saying windows starting and I got the windows symbol in the centre of the screen but it it’s not starting.

Bad sectors in Loughborough
Lifting small chips from a PCB boardI tried to copy some files from on USB HD drive to my USB HD drive. After 1hour of copying, the process stopped.
The drive content took a long time to appear when viewing through windows explorer.
I then attempted to run the windows chkdsk and chose option to ‘repair’.
This chkdsk ran and after a couple of hours and some logs indicatoring that it encountered bad sectors it stopped with an ‘unspecified error’ had occurred message.
I ran it again a couple more times but the last attempt failed to stop after a few hours. I forced a shutdown of my computer.
Now when I plug in the drive into my laptop, after a long pause the drive would appear as ‘Local Drive(E:)’. Clicking on this drive just hangs and not show the content. The original name of the drive has now been replaced with ‘Local Drive (E:)’. What can be done to fix this? I live in Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Mac drive not recognised
An iMac OSX cannot recognise the device and trying to recover through the disk utility fails. You can hear a faint ticking noise which I know usually means the drive is beyond repair but I would like this confirming as the drive contains very important data. I am aware that it is possible to remount the disks in a new chasis to recover the data when all other processes fail, at the moment the drive isn’t recognised.

Data Clinic Locations
We have data recovery locations all over the country and it doesn’t matter where you are, from Harrogate to Loughborough, or anywhere in between we should be able to assist in the extraction of your hard drive data. There’s no need to come to us, we have a free collection service where we pick your hard drive up free of charge, examine what the problem is and then give you a price for the recovery. It’s up to you if you want to proceed.