Hard Drive Recovery

There’s a new page on the Data Clinic site specifically about getting files and folders back from broken and unresponsive hard disk drives. Take a look at our new hard drive recovery page.

Seagate external hard drive. I am hoping that the problem is only a loose internal connection at the point where the lead connects to the drive. But at the moment there is no way of getting the drive to communicate with the laptop.

Have an old Samsung hard drive that stopped working a month ago, when I connect to pc, pc tells me the power is insufficient to power up the device. Can you help?

External hard drive stopped working and is now broken. Family member tried to recover files but they seem corrupted so wasn’t possible. I desperately need the files for work.

Seagate BlackArmor 1-bay 110 NAS refused to boot after power interruption. Removed drive, installed in Linux PC and recovered what I could but some folders which should contain data are empty.

Recover data from external hard drive

Please advise if you can perform external hard drive recovery of the data and a price to do so.
The port isn’t properly attached to the hard drive so my computer can’t recognise it and I was wondering if it’s possible to retrieve the data and transfer it to another hard drive.

My external hard drive does not show on computer but light comes on. It’s a Samsung external hard drive not appearing when plugged into computer. Was dropped but worked fine for several days after.

My USB external hard drive says that it cannot be read on the computer & it needs to be ‘formatted’ but this means ‘erasing ALL files’ currently on the USB device so I have refused formatting it. Unfortunately I can not access the files I need to now and the drive is unresponsive.