Problems with hard drive and phones

Hello all, here are some of the latest enquiries received by us here at Data Clinic from people wanting data recovery from either their computer hard drives or phones. If you have a problem like any of these below and you need your data back please get in touch with us.

Hard drive problems on Macs

My mac is no longer finding my WD passport for mac, the passport just flashes continually. I need the files retrieved from it there is possibly 400 gig of files – and I need all of it – which I know because I took it to an independent computer specialist and he said it needs to be fixed in a clean room which he doesn’t have.

I have an OS X hard drive that will not mount on my Mac. I have used Disk Warrior to try and recover the drive but it reports thousands of disk malfunctions and eventually fails with an error saying it cannot repair the drive.

Hackintosh using clover on 128gb ssd
bootstrap failure attempted OS X sierra install from usb using clover ,need to recover all personal files pictures documents japes screenshots etc etc etc
how much will this cost

LaCie Porsche 3TB External HDD
I use this drive as the Time Machine Backup for my MacBook Pro. When i power it on the power light on the disc turns on however the drive is not visible on the MacBook. There has been no impact damage that I’m aware of. It just stopped mounting one day. Please can you help.

WD hard drive dropped

I have a WD My passport hard drive. I accidentally dropped it from a height of around 40cm. It made clicking noise for a short while then it stopped.
The drive is split into 3 compartments. Each compartment is still showing all of the folders, however the folders are all empty.
Please could you let me know how quickly you can turnaround and a cost?

Broken Seagate hard drive dropped

I have an external seagate drive which has broken. The model number is SRD00F1. It’s a sealed unit. It’s my DVD collection. The white light on the front doesn’t light now and there is a beeping noise. I have tried 3 different laptops but still not ok. I have connected the drive to a USB power supply and not ok. I have not yet tried the sea gate diagnostics for windows as I think it won’t see the drive. The drive does not appear in windows explorer. I am living in Ghana to Christmas working for a charity. Not having DVDs to watch is a bit of a downer. Can you indicate if you can help and an idea of cost and time would be great. I can get it DHL delivered to you.

My external hard drive broke and I am hoping to fix it. I am looking for heads (or maybe the whole arm) from a donor hard drive. It’s a bit of an old model – Samsung (Seagate) – ST500LM014. The HDD had a light hit against the floor, when I opened it up, the arm was stuck on the platter. Did move it off. The platter is spinning and doesn’t have any damage. Motherboard is fine. I believe the heads are needing replacement because now when the disk is powered on, they are either stuck in one place or click back and forth.

Need to get phone data back

Vodafone 985N data has been lost. Some contacts retrieved from gmail and facebook accounts. Contacts needed were on the hard drive and were deleted – need these contacts back and SMS messages as well.

Can you tell me whether it is possible to recover a chain of text messages between my phone and one sender which were accidentally deleted over a week ago, and if so, how much would this cost please? I have been using the phone since then so could this mean the data has been overwritten?

I am wondering is it possible to recover photos from my iphone 5, 10.3.3. Factory reset was done.

iPhone 5 stuck at logo for few minutes and then phone switches off.
I have visited an Apple Store and my phone did not show up on iTunes and they have advised the only way to have a chance of recovering data is through a data recovery company.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that is permanently stuck on the “SAMSUNG” screen when booting. I’ve Googled and taken it to a repair shop and the info I’m getting is that the phone is completely broken and I’ll need to get a replacement. I can sort that part, but I really don’t want to lose my data (photos etc). Can you help? The phone will go to the “Android Recovery” screen but not much else.