Data Recovery from Fujitsu hard disk drives

Data Clinic are able to recover data from any type of Fujitsu hard disk.

Problems: There are apparent problems with the following Fujitsu desktop hard disk model numbers:

MPG3102AT, MPF3102AT, MPG3102AH and MPF3102AH (all 10Gb), MPG3204AT, MPF3204AT, MPG3204AH and MPG3204AT (all 20Gb), MPG3307AT, MPF3307AT, MPG3307AH and MPF3307AH (all 30Gb), MPG3409AT, MPF3409AT, MPG3409AH and MPF3409AH (all 40Gb).

Symptoms: These Fujitsu drives will in many cases be working perfectly before then failing suddenly. They will not be recognised by the BIOS and sometimes the BIOS may identify them with nonsense information. You may see an error message telling you of a disk boot failure and also that your operating system can not be found.

Cause: There are a variety of opinions as to the root cause of this failure. Fortunately, failed drives are often repairable.

Recovery possibilities: Data Clinic are able to perform a full data recovery on these Fujitsu MPG and MPF series drives

Do Not: Under no circumstances should you attempt to swap the controller board on one of these faulty drives with one from a working drive. IT WILL NOT WORK. This is because the information held on the failed drive is unique to each drive. Changing the controller board may very well cause a mechanical failure and render your recoverable data unrecoverable.

What if I have one of these drives but the symptoms are different?: This is quite possible. Even though these drives have an inherent fault they are still prone to all the other problems hard disks suffer from ie. mechnical failure, logical failure, bad sectors etc.

What should I do?: Call the Data Clinic and talk your problem through with us on 0800 151 2207, or click the ‘Get A Quote’ button at the top of the page.