D-Link’s most common NAS hard drives are the ShareCentre and ShareCentre Pro, of which the 2 bay and 4 bay ShareCentre’s are the most widely used. The 2 bay NAS hard drives are typically configured as either RAID 0 or RAID 1, whiles the 4 bay and larger NAS hard drives usually run RAID 5. The larger D-Link ShareCentre Pro systems are rack servers typically all running RAID 5, aimed at businesses. All D-Link NAS hard drives are modern devices can store many Terabytes of data, which is great while they are working normally.

Recovering Data From DLink NAS Hard Drive

Inside your DLink NAS are a number of conventional mechanical hard drives – there is nothing special about these hard drives and they are susceptible to all the common types of failure. Some problems are easily corrected, whilst others can cause moderate data loss and a few can be catastrophic.
It’s therefore extremely important that once a problem is detected on a Dlink NAS hard drive that the problem is diagnosed correctly and the right recovery procedure applied. Data Clinic have now been in the data recovery business for over 10 years and in that time we’ve unfortunately lost count of the number of Dlink NAS hard drives that have come into us because they were incorrectly diagnosed and therefore the wrong data recovery process was applied when data recovery was attempted. All NAS devices are complicated pieces of storage equipment which few people really understand, and you really need to know what you are doing if you need to get your file and folder data back in one piece.

Common D-Link Problems Requiring Data Recovery

  • The NAS is no longer detected
  • The NAS is detected but no data can be seen
  • The NAS runs very slowly
  • The NAS reports drive errors
  • There is a repetitive clicking / beeping noise coming from the device.

Our D-Link NAS Repair and Data Recovery Services

It’s imperative to have D-Link NAS hard drives repaired correctly when they go wrong. Placing a D-Link NAS in the hands of an unskilled person who ‘knows about IT stuff’ is to be avoided as D-Link NAS repair and data recovery is a highly skilled task. This means avoiding high street PC shops and colleagues with good intentions who do not have sufficient knowledge or skills of the inner workings of D-Link NAS hard disk equipment – it uses RAID too remember?. Doing the wrong thing at this point will often lead to irreversible data loss.

Data Clinic have many years experience at recovering data from all types of DLink NAS – contact us for professional assistance.