Dell XPS 8300 and Buffalo MiniStation Data Recovery

Dell Data Recovery

Hard drive on Dell XPS 8300 PC which is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 1.5TB started making a lot of clicking, creaking noises and has now failed and will not boot after start up Windows screen (neither via ‘repair’ or ‘normal’ attempts). Gets stuck on blue Windows background screen (dove and tree twig). On doing Windows diagnostics I get ‘spindle failure’ message error code 2000-0147 though not clear to me if that is supposed to be in the optical drive or the hard drive. On putting hard drive in disc caddy, it will spin and shows up as ‘Drive E’ on new PC but is shown as ‘inaccessible’. I want to retrieve all data from this drive and am looking for somewhere in Manchester to perform the file recovery procedure.

WD My Book ! TB external drive computer does not recognise or second computer has been examined by Discovery Computers in Ashton near Manchester city centre who recommend Data Clinic.

WD western digital hard drive from a Dell computer – it’s a Dell XPS model with a Western Digital hard drive wd20eads-00s2b0 I need the part that the power cable and mini USB plugs into it fixed to the main body of the drive by two screws then connects to two terminals via a ribbon mine broke at USB connector and got lost on way to repair replacement part needed my model was purchased approximately 9 years ago
Please asked for any more details there’s lots of codes numbers on the body of the drive.

File recovery Buffalo MiniStation HD PCFU3

My external hard drive won’t let me access my files through my computer. It says that there is an error, that the hard drive is unreadable. It is a Buffalo MiniStation HD-PCFU3 series 1tb hard drive. When I connect it to my PC the hard drives light flashes and it makes weird clicking noise. It won’t open on a MacBook either, but it shows that the data should be there. I’m living in Bristol and I’m going back to Finland for the holidays on the 16th

500gb internal drive on Buffalo HD PCFU3 ministation currently is RAW not NTFS, problem possibly started from a curupt partition. Local data recovery shop in Manchester says some files are visible but the drive is resetting every 20 seconds so they can’t retrieve with the set up they have.

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