Data Recovery Reading, Watford, Chelmsford, Luton and Cambridge

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In this post we look at hard drive data recovery and Data Clinic offices that serve the locations of Reading, Watford, Chelmsford, Luton and Cambridge.

SSD Data Recovery Reading
I have a failed laptop hard drive from a school which has data on that need to be recovered.
The drive is a Seagate Laptop Thin SSD 500GB and is at my house in Reading
The drive does not spin at all and cannot be seen in another machine.
If you could come back to me and let me know if you would be able to diagnose and recover the data, that would be much appreciated.

Watford Data Recovery
I’ve got an external hard drive (WD My Passport ) which I can’t open the files from any more.
When connected to the laptop the hard drive makes a clicking sound which makes me think it is physically damaged.
My devices has been able to detect the device but I am unable to view the files on the drive through Windows.
Would you be able to recover the data from this? I am in Watford

External Hard Drive Cambridge
I recently moved to Cambridge and whenever I plug in external hard drive, it makes beeping sound and does not get recognised by the laptop. Can we recover it? If so please provide the price.

Hard Drive Data Recovery Luton
My HD suffered a crash and stopped working. I tried to access the data from another computer and I believe that with the impact the disk was eventually damaged because the data is not accessible. Do you have a data recovery shop in Luton?

Chelmsford Data Recovery
My Chelmsford studio laptop decided to freeze and turn off by itself while my external hard drive was plugged in as I was working on a wedding.
The external hard drive is still connecting to the laptop as the light is coming on but it’s making a quiet beeping noise and not being recognised.
Being a photographer this will be an urgent job if that’s something you can do? I’m in Chelmsford.

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