Data Recovery on RAID 1+0 Servers

RAID 1+0 ConfigurationRAID 1+0 is a blend of RAID 1 and RAID 0 setups and requires a minimum of four disks to build. In a RAID1+0 set up, the data is first mirrored across two drives (a RAID 1) and then striped to the other two (a RAID 0). Put the whole thing together and you’ve got a RAID 1+0 (commonly known as a RAID 10). While data striping remains intact for high speed data transfer, data redundancy is assured by the 2 disk RAID 1 mirror.

Many organisations use RAID 1+0 arrays for data intensive applications  – for example, email servers, internet servers and database applications – infect anything that requires a high data throughput.

Whilst RAID 1+0 is an ideal and popular set up in terms of both speed and data redundancy, it’s not a system that you can just plug in and forget. Any system that holds valuable data needs to be looked after and maintained.

Data Recovery on RAID 1+0