Welcome to Data Clinic’s data recovery Q&A for July 2019 – real data recovery questions from real people who have lost data all across the United Kingdom who want their files back.

Recover Data from Seagate ST9500325AS

Broken hard drive

If it’s broken, we can usually recover the data from it

Home user. Personal Seagate Momentus 500GB (ST9500325AS) no longer reading. All software recovery options failed with SATA connection. Suspected Circuit board failure.

Data Recovery on SSD with Application Error

I have an ssd drive that started playing up on my dell desktop computer. It first started giving a an application error ‘the required data was not placed into memory because of an i/o error status‘ and then I tried to recover the data via a usb ada cable but could smell a burning smell. The hard drive is no longer detected by my machine. Do we have any chance of recovering the data?

Data Recovery Leeds City Centre

If you could email me with a quote to just take a look at it and rule out anything simple like the cables being damaged that would be great. I am working in Leeds city centre today and tomorrow at Rose Wharf so wasn’t sure if you could come and collect it to take a look at it? Please let me know and how much this would be.

High Sierra Data Recovery Mac

Internal meta photo | Data ClinicI am a mac user I upgraded to high sierra operational system. I changed my mind and then I tried to downgrade the operational system via time machine by my external hard drive i left the machine doing its thing when i came back there was an error in the process. and since then I can not retrive any files from my external drive. Those are my work files.

Hard Drive Investigation – Digital Forensics / eDiscovery

I have some hard drive that form part of a CCTV system. There was a work incident that was captured on camera. We need to forensically recover the digital information from this incident.

Water Damaged Hard Drive

USB drive got wet in seawater the other day, I rinsed it with fresh water put in rice to dry out. I checked it was dry before putting it into a computer. Sometimes my files come up but dont respond, and sometimes no files even show up. Could really do with recovering some of the folders (hadn’t backed up as much as I thought). I am in Leeds city centre.

The laptop will not boot after becoming wet. I couldn’t hear the hard drive spin up. I removed the drive and connected it to a sata cable and another laptop. The drive made a faint noise as if it was going to come to life but nothing happened after and the laptop didn’t acknowledge the additional drive.