Data Recovery Q&A – July 2017 Part 1

In this post we look at recovering the data from broken phones and a WD Passport hard drive.

phone smashed glassHelp with a broken iPhone
“My Iphone 6 is completely broken. It feel from a very high height and the screen is completely black with the iphone actually being bent. There is light coming through whenever the button is pressed but the phone is damaged. I have so many precious pictures and videos of my daughter that I did not back up or use icloud with an I really need these for memories. Could you help please?”

Please view both our recovering data from iPhones page and our main phone recovery page.

..and also a Samsung S6
“Dropped samsung galaxy s6 now showing black screen with flashing blue led light. When plugged into charger red charging light shows. Reset buttons have not worked and o2 said it probably wasn’t repairable. Would like to get photos from device if possible.”

Please review our main phone recovery page (see above) and also our Samsung phone recovery page.

WD My Passport hard drive | Data Clinic LtdWD Passport not responding
“My WD passport hard-drive is no longer responding. The light is on and I can hear it trying to boot but it doesn’t and my laptop doesn’t detect it at all. I have tried other laptops and cables but the outcome is the same. I could really do with the data recovering if possible. Can you help please?”

WD’s support page for this is here, although it’s fairly certain you’ve got a serious problem with the hard drive that requires attention. We’ve been recovering data from hard drive’s in this condition for over 15 years now so please give us call. Also you may like to read our pages on WD data recovery here.

Costs for data recovery
The cost of data recovery varies depending on what they device is a what problem is has. Smaller devices like smartphones cost around £200 – £400, and hard drives between £300 – £500. Larger multiple disk systems like NAS and servers cost more.

Data Clinic have local offices all around the country – you are welcome to call in and see us – view our list of locations.