Jan 2017 – Data Recovery Help and Advice – Pt1

Welcome to 2017 everyone and in this post we look at two common phone problems and two problems involving lost CCTV images. Perhaps you have a problem similar to the ones described below? If so, we can help. Just get in touch.

Data Recovery from Phone

Two very different phone problems below – for further information about our services go to our phone recovery section.

Can you give me a quote to recover the internal memory off an android Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-i9100. The phone is completely bricked and will not even turn on – hence I can’t access the data through a USB cable.
Many thanks for all your help.

I have a Nexus 4, version I believe is 5.1.1. 4 years old this month!
I’m going to make the problem as detailed as possible in case it at all helps.
Recently it has started rebooting randomly and often times “starting android, optimising app xx of xx”. It optimises a varying amount of apps, around the 160-180 mark, and if it’s not on charge, the battery may sometimes die, and just continues where it left off optimising the remainder number of apps e.g. dies at 100/160 apps, reboots when charged and starts from 1/40 apps.
Over the last day, it’s non stop been rebooting and optimising apps so I have no access to my phone.
I’ve tried to wipe cache partition, didn’t help the situation at all.
I’ve seen recommendations to factory reset, but it doesn’t seem to help anyone that has tried it on online forums. So I haven’t tried to do anything more than wiping cache partition.
If at all relevant, a couple weeks ago I was having repetitive notifications for google play services crashing. I can’t remember if I resolved that myself or it just eventually stopped, but it did. But since this rebooting problem, it has been my three mobile app crashing on start up. I uninstalled the app in hopes it would fix the problem, but it didn’t help and has since been in this boot loop.
I’ve removed sim card, didn’t change the situation at all.
I’ve tried booting on and off charge, hasn’t helped either.
I’ve come across knowledge that optimising apps should only occur following a system update. The last time I updated was a very long time ago, and optimising apps has happened on the common occasion even after updating however long ago before it got this bad.
The only thing that seems to work for people is to do something I’ve come across called “flash” and “custom recovery” but I’m not about to delve into something which may wipe the entirety of my data or ruin my phone further. therefore I would love the counsel and help of an expert instead, especially a local business I can support!

Recover Footage from CCTV

And two CCTV footage recovery enquiries – to find out more about our services go to our CCTV data recovery page.

I have a cctv floureon system and a few nights ago it was making a clicking noise and now I can not view any off the footage . It as either a Hitachi sata drive or seagate sata. There is very important video footage that needs to be recovered . Can you please advise me on what process I would need , if you are able to do this and a price.

I seem to have lost footage of an accident outside my house and I’m unable to submit it to the police now as evidence. would you be able to help at all.

Data Clinic Locations

We run a UK wide free collection service, so if you’re not near one of our data recovery locations, you might like to book a collection. Your equipment arrives with us the following data and diagnosed with 1-2 days. At that point you’ll know what’s wrong with it, what we need to do to recover it and how much it’s going to cost.