Data Recovery Enquiries

Everyday we have a number of enquiries for data recovery services that come into the Data Clinic organisation via the Contact Us form that can be found on most pages of the web site. We either call the enquirers back or email them if we can’t speak to them. Here are a selection of enquiries from last weekend along with the relevant page we direct the enquiry to.

PC / Mac Enquiries

Our PC recovery page is here:
Our Mac page is here:

  • Macbook pro hard drive has kicked it, was looking into data recovery, format and reinstalling of OSX before thursday.
  • I have a western digital WD10JPVT HDD on a PC. Suddenly my computer could not read it. Now it makes a clicking noise. I have important video/media files I need. Can you recover my files?
  • Lenovo G780 machine, windows operating system fails to boot up.

External Hard Drive Enquiries

Our external hard drive page is here:

  • I didn’t back up my Toshiba external hard drive and dropped it-now it doesn’t work-can you quote me on how much to recover the data?
    I will be in the UK (Macclesfield) from 28th June for 2 weeks.
  • External/USB hard drive was accidentally dropped, the system still starts up when plugged in but makes a slight ticking noise and there seems to be something rattling around inside when moved. Also when it is plugged in the PC says the USB port doesn’t recognise the hard drive anymore. It sounds like the hardrive is struggling to spin and is making the ticking noise.
  • external hd,keeps making noise and doesn’t register with laptop anymore
  • I have a 1TB Seagate external hard drive with back up plus. A couple of weeks ago I moved it on my desk and since then my PC recognises the drive but I’m unable to open it to retrieve any documents. I have been advised that there is a physical problem with the drive. There are very important legal documents as well as videos, music and other files that I need to recover. Can you help with this?

Mobile Smart Phone Enquiries

See our Android data recovery page at
And our iPhone page at

  • Washed Android phone won’t work and would like to same photos and phone numbers found on the phone that aren’t on the card.
  • My wife’s iPhone 5C went in some water and now it won’t turn on.She had a lot of precious photos on the phone that she’d really like back, including some of our unborn child who unfortunately didn’t make it. Any help would be greatly appreciated, please also let us know the costs?