ATA password protected Fujitsu MHU2100AT Hard Drive

Hard Disk Drive: Fujitsu MHU2100AT

Type: Laptop

Capacity: 100Gb

Problem: ATA password protected, no commercially available means of bypassing the password

A hard drive that has an ATA password enabled will not allow it”s data to be read, even on a sector by sector basis until the password has either been entered correctly or reset / disabled.

At the time this recovery was performed there were no commercial tools available for tackling this problem, therefore we wrote our own using our Diskmaster hard disk recovery and repair tool.

The ease or difficulty of manipulating ATA passwords on hard drives is manufacturer specific: for example, the approach necessary for Fujitsu hard drives is completely different from that of Seagate drives (you may like to read our Seagate ATA password removal case study). ATA password removal on this Fujitsu drive was a three step process of

  • Putting the drive into the manufacturers factory mode
  • Resetting the ATA password
  • Power cycling

This removed the ATA password and the hard disk drives data area was now fully accessible.