Recovering Data From Broken and Faulty Buffalo LinkStation, TeraStation and NAS Storage Equipment

Common Buffalo Data Storage Devices

Buffalo TeraStation and LinkStation’s are often NAS devices and frequently recoverable by Data Clinic Ltd

  • NAS: TeraStation and LinkStation
  • Desktop: DriveStation
  • Portable: MiniStation
  • Wireless: AirStation


Buffalo storage devices are very popular these days. Most common are the Buffalo TeraStation and LinkStation. Frequently available with USB and NAS connectivity, Terastations usually come in a RAID 5 configuration and span data across multiple hard drives. Buffalo LinkStation’s are usually single disk storage boxes – two disk LinkStations are available in either a RAID 0 or RAID 1 format. All use the XFS filesystem and use SATA hard disk drives using capacities of 500GB and above.

General notes and failure symptoms for all Buffalo Storage Devices (LinkStation, TeraStation, NAS etc)

Stylish and available in a variety of storage capacities, Buffalo equipment often contains SATA hard disk drives. Typical LinkStation and TeraStation NAS failure symptoms are as follows:

  • Device / file / folder access can be problematic – Files and folders (or even the entire device) may become inaccessible and disappear from the the system config.
  • Device may no longer power up – and will no longer be accessible
  • Ticking / Knocking sound may be heard from the device – and it may no longer be accessible
  • Data recovery: Data on Buffalo devices is frequently recoverable. The number 1 rule is to power the device down and not restart it.