In this post we look at Data Clinic’s Bury data recovery location that services broken phones, hard drives, CCTV and RAID servers in Bolton, Blackburn and Bradford.

Seagate ST31500341AS Data Recovery, Bolton

Seagate ST31500341AS 1.5TB HDD, clicking for approx 15sec at startup then drive spindle winds down, disk shows in Disk Mgr as Unknown, Not Initialised. Can you help to recover the data from this? Location is Bolton.

Buffalo Ministation retrieve files in Blackburn

Buffalo Ministation 250 GB external hard drive, ten years old. Stopped being recognised by PC on 07/12/2019.
Tested to a PC Repair service, a data recovery service in Blackburn, there is a clicking sound and diagnosis is that there is a problem with the disk itself. Light goes from green to amber.
Requesting a quote for data recovery of files on hard drive.

Bootlooping Phones – Recover Data (Bradford)

> Data Clinic main phone data recovery page:

My iPhone SE is stuck in a constant boot loop.

I tried to update my iPhone 6s however the updating process never ends, it is stuck. Is it possible to recover all my photos from the phone ?
Cannot read or access files therefore i need a recovery service in Bradford which is where I work.

Phone in boot loop need contacts and other information

My Samsung Galaxy S8 is no longer functioning. It stopped working suddenly overnight and will not power on or reset. I would like to have the data extracted as it’s now stuck in a boot loop.

Android phone stuck in recovery mode. Apple say it needs a reset but I stand to lose all my photos. The phone goes a quarter of the way on the update then stops. Can anything be done and how much

External hard drive recovery

I have an external hard drive and it has become corrupt – windows says it needs formatting before use and I have important data on this drive. What’s the approximate cost to retrieve data please?

External hard drive was dropped. It lowers up but is not showing up on the pc when plugged in.

WD 1TB 2.5 External hard drive. Physical failure? Drive spins, heads move over platters and then bounce straight back to park. Platters look in good condition. Is it possible new head assembly is required?

External hard drive device no longer does anything when I plug it in. I had all my files on it, I have since bought a new toshiba external hard drive, I tried using the other cable but this has not worked

Wherever you are in the North West of England, Blackburn, Bolton, Bradford or Rochdale, Data Clinic’s Greater Manchester data recovery location in Bury has you covered.