Another Great Testimonial

Following on from our review by Hamon after the successful recovery of data from their 2 flood damaged servers shortly before Christmas, here’s another great review, this time from a private individual, Jane Foley.

Jane’s faulty hard disk was a 320GB Western Digital drive with mechanical damage. Before she sent it to us her hard drive went to one of our competitors who were not able to do anything with it.

Here’s her review…

“Data Clinic is simply FANTASTIC! After losing 1000s of photos, including my children’s baby photos on my external hard drive – I sent the disk to another reputable data recovery company who had it for 6 months without any joy! Eventually, they said there was nothing that could be done! I was devastated – thats when I found Data Clinic – who said that they could recover data where other companies had failed. How right were they, after 2 short weeks I was informed my hard drive was 98% recoverable!! I now have my hard drive back and could not be happier! My only regret is that I didn’t find Data Clinic first! THANK YOU Data Clinic – I HIGHLY recommend you.”

If you have a faulty hard drive you need recovering, please send it to us. We’ll get the data back.